49th Parallel

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49th Parallel DVD cover.

Movie (1941)

Richard George (Kommandant Bernsdorff)
Eric Portman (Lieutenant Hirth)
Raymond Lovell (Lieutenant Kuhnecke)
Niall MacGinnis (Vogel)
Laurence Olivier (Johnnie - the Trapper)
Finlay Currie (The Factor)

A Nazi U-boat attempts to sneak up on a small Canadian village. They are spotted and destroyed by bomber planes, but not before six men escape to the shore. These men now have to find a way to get back home without being captured.

Unidentified Radio

49th Parallel radio11.png
49th Parallel radio12.png
49th Parallel radio.png
49th Parallel radio13.png
49th Parallel radio8.png
49th Parallel radio9.png

Morse Code

49th Parallel CW.png
49th Parallel CW2.png

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