A Perfect World

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A Perfect World DVD cover.

Movie (1993)

Kevin Costner (Robert 'Butch' Haynes)
Clint Eastwood (Chief Red Garnett)
Laura Dern (Sally Gerber)
T.J. Lowther (Phillip 'Buzz' Perry)

Escaped convict, Butch Haynes is on the run from the law. As he stumbles into a nearby home, he kidnaps a young boy named Phillip and uses him as a hostage. Along the way Phillip and Butch become friends. As the search for the missing convict intensifies due to the hostage situation, Chief Red Garnett, a Texas Ranger, comes into the picture. He gets the use of the Governor's 'state of the art' mobile communication command center equipped with an HF ham radio to assist in the capture.

Unidentified Radio

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