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Air America film cover.

Movie (1990)

Mel Gibson (Gene Ryack)
Robert Downey Jr. (Billy Covington)
Nancy Travis (Corinne Landreaux)
Ken Jenkins (Major Donald Lemond)

Unidentified Radio

The radio on the right side is a GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver radiostation. The GRC-106 is a Fully Synthesized 400 Watt HF SSB mobile vehicular Receiver / Transmitter Radio Station operating on CW and USB, 28 000 selectively tuned channels spaced in 1 KHz increments in the 2 to 29.999 MHz providing full coverage from 2 to 30Mhz frequency range.

The rest is not known...

The village which Ms. Landreaux is helping out is being overran with the Drug Lord's thugs.
Needing to get help to evacuate a village, social worker Corinne continues to call for help.
Corinne tries to radio out for help while there are helicopters landing everywhere around her.

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