Blast from the Past

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Blast from the Past movie poster.

Movie (1999)

Brendan Fraser (Adam)
Alicia Silverstone (Eve)
Christopher Walken (Calvin)
Sissy Spacek (Helen)

Adam Weber is the child of an eccentric inventor and his wife. Following a bomb scare in the 1960s that locked the Webers in their bomb shelter for 35 years, Adam Weber must venture out into Los Angeles and obtain food and supplies for his family. He meets Eve, who reluctantly agrees to help him out.

Just before Calvin [dad] and Helen [mom] enter the bomb shelter you hear the radio and see a Hallicrafters S-52 model.

Hallicrafters S-52

The S-52 was first manufactured in 1948 and priced at $99.50 USD. It is an HF/VHF receiver covering 0.55 - 43 MHz in AM and CW.

The Hallicrafters S-52 from the film.
Stock photo of the S-52.

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