Get Smart

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Get Smart DVD cover.

Movie (2008)

Steve Carell (Maxwell Smart/Agent 89)
Anne Hathaway (Agent 99)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Agent 23)
Alan Arkin (The Chief)
James Caan (The President)

This is a action comedy film adaptation from the 1960's television series Get Smart. Near the end of the movie during the chase scene, Maxwell Smart and The Chief of CONTROL hijack a Cadillac from a Secret Service agent in an attempt to catch up to Agent 23 which turns out to be a double agent and kidnaps Agent 99. The Cadillac is the vehicle that you will notice has a Yaesu FT-1802M mounted under the passenger side dash. The Secret Service agent yells back to Maxwell and The Chief through the the Ham radio telling them not to damage the car. Also you can notice that as the agent is yelling, the signal strength/busy indicator is not present. Notice the pictures below. The stock photo shows the Yaesu receiving a strong signal. The photo from the movie is not receiving a signal at all. Every time the camera is on the radio, the Secret Service agent is talking. Oh well, they tried.

Yaesu FT-1802M

The Yaesu 1802M was manufactured in Japan in 2006. Now Discontinued.

Yaesu 1802M mobile 2 meter radio. Busy signal present.

The Yaesu mounted in the Cadillac and set to 143.910 MHz. No busy signal. present.

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