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The Internet Movie Radio Database was created so Amateur (Ham) Radio enthusiasts, as well as other two-way radio communication users could compile a list of movies which feature Ham and two-way radios (as well as frequency scanners). The site was started in late 2009 by User:Tleeg

It was decided early on that the site would be in a common wiki format to offer the ability to edit, update, and add content to anyone.

The owners of this site are Ham Radio enthusiasts.

How to contact IMRDb

Important information:

  • IMRDb has no editorial board.
    Revisions are not reviewed before they appear on the site. Content is not the result of an editorial decision by IMRDb or its staff.
  • Although you can contact Tobin Lee via email, he is not responsible for individual articles or the daily operations.
  • IMRDb is written, edited, and maintained in part, by volunteers from around the world.

For questions, comments, concerns, or about helping with website content, please feel free to EMAIL US.