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Jericho, The Complete Series DVD cover.

TV series (2006-2008)

Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green)
Lennie James (Robert Hawkins)
Ashley Scott (Emily Sullivan)
Kenneth Mitchell (Eric Green)
Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond)
Sprague Grayden (Heather Lisinski)

In this post nuclear bomb television series, amateur radio was there to help out several times. There was only one ham radio in this small town of Kansas, the owner being a little unorthodox unfortunately. Robert Hawkins is found with a Yaesu FT-101F HF transceiver which he uses to copy down morse code he overhears. Heather Lisinski is also found using the same radio to communicate with residents of Fall River, Missouri to find out the status of their town and get help to them. There were many handheld radios used in this series as well. When the fake Marines come through Jericho, one of them was put in charge of fixing an old "brick" style handheld radio they had. Jake gave up some of the Yaesu radio parts in order to help them fix the handheld since Hawkins lied to them, stating that the ham didn't work. Eric Green is seen using an older "brick" style Motorola HT also which had some chrome on the rear and a big symbol "M". Later in the series the Secret Service comes to the town of Jericho. They use "secure" walkie-talkies.

Yaesu FT-101F

The Yaesu FT-101F was manufactured in Japan from 1978-1980. The "F" series was the last of the FT-101 series.

Close up of the Yaesu.
Robert Hawkins tuning in the FT.
Another close up.
An overview of the entire radio Hawkins used.
Yaesu FT-101F.

Morse Code

Morse Code, also known as CW (Continuous Wave) was also used at the beginning of each episode. This section may contain spoilers.
Morse code key.

Episode 1.01: The Pilot CW Code = Jericho Pilot

Episode 1.02: Fallout CW Code = Jericho Fallout

Episode 1.03: Four Horsemen CW Code = Jericho Three

Episode 1.04: Walls of Jericho CW Code = He knows Rob

Episode 1.05: Federal Response CW Code = There is a fire

Episode 1.06: 9:02 CW Code = The EMP hits

Episode 1.07: Long Live the Mayor CW Code = Pray for NYC

Episode 1.08: Rogue River CW Code = Rob not FBI

Episode 1.09: Crossroads CW Code = AOV Surprise

Episode 1.10: Red Flag CW Code = It begins with

Episode 1.11: Vox Populi CW Code = 6 and ends with

Episode 1.12: The Day Before CW Code= Bloodshed

Episode 1.13: Black Jack CW Code = Bleeding KS

Episode 1.14: Heart of Winter CW Code = 4 Down 4 to Go

Episode 1.15: Semper Fidelis CW Code = They will need it

Episode 1.16: Winter’s End CW Code = A costly deal

Episode 1.17: One Man’s Terrorist CW Code = Rob Exposed

Episode 1.18: A.K.A. CW Code = Who Ran Red Bell

Episode 1.19: Casus-Belli CW Code = ONE GOT AWAY

Episode 1.20: One If By Land CW Code = We Pledge

Episode 1.21: Coalition of the Willing CW Code = Allegiance

Episode 1.22: Why We Fight CW Code = To the Flag

Episode 2.01: Reconstruction CW Code = WE’RE BAAACK

Episode 2.02: Condor CW Code = J&R RAN BOXCAR

Episode 2.03: Jennings & Rall CW Code = CALLER KNOWS ALL

Special Episode: Return To Jericho CW Code = Back next week. 36 hours before bombs

Episode 2.04: Oversight CW Code = A Costly Death

Episode 2.05: Termination for Cause CW Code = THO IT IS DARK

Episode 2.06: Sedition CW Code = Know our Flag

N7GAR Personal Note:

I thoroughly enjoyed this television series. Definitely the best show I have ever seen. I heard about Jericho in early 2009 after it had already been canceled for some time. I wondered if there were "other" reasons that lead to it's cancellation... Anyway, I watched the entire series online in just 5 days. Now, of course I own the complete series.

Gadsden historical American flag.
The Cheyenne government flag of the United Allied States of America.

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