Live Free or Die Hard

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Live Free or Die Hard DVD cover.

Movie (2007)

Bruce Willis (John McClane)
Timothy Olyphant (Thomas Gabriel)
Justin Long (Matt Farrell)
Maggie Q (Mai)
Cliff Curtis (Bowman)

ADI AR-147

Stock photo of the ADI AR-147 mobile ham radio.
The AR-147 mounted inside the FBI agent's car.
The AR-147 mounted inside John McClane's unmarked cruiser. Notice it looks like it's the exact same shot from the FBI agent's car?
This must be the AR-147's mic.

Uniden Bearcat BCT15 TrunkTracker III receiver/scanner

Stock photo of the Uniden BCT15 scanner.
The Uniden mounted in the semi truck which John sets to Warlock's 66.6 frequency.
The mic that it somehow magically attached to the Bearcat scanner. (Remember it's impossible to transmit on a scanner!)
It just so happens that the mic that is used in the semi attached to the magic UNIDEN scanner is an ICOM mic!

Unidentified Radio

Warlock's armageddon backup "command center" CB permanently set to 66.6. By the way, that frequency is 27 MHz and is designated by the FCC for TV broadcast ONLY.
"Weird, nobody has ever called me!"

Unidentified Radio

The bad guys use these handhelds to communicate to each other.

Gabriel's thugs take out the security guards and steal their walkie-talkies.
LiveFree HT4.png
"Get all that? That's right, I'm on the third floor. But I'm coming to get you!"
Thomas starts to get worried as he realizes that McClane could actually ruin his plans.

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