Love Finds Andy Hardy

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Love Finds Andy Hardy DVD cover.

Movie (1938)

Mickey Rooney (Andy Hardy)
Lewis Stone (Judge James Hardy)
Fay Holden (Mrs. Emily Hardy)
Cecilia Parker (Marian Hardy)
Judy Garland (Betsy Booth)
Gene Reynolds (Jimmy MacMahon)

Andy's mother is staying with his grandmother due to an illness that the grandmother has. Andy's father tells him that he can't get a hold them because there's no phone there. Andy, just as anxious to hear from his mother, tells him that his friend Jimmy is a Ham Radio operator and could get a message out to her if there is another operator in the town she's in. Jimmy, using his call letters W8XZR tries for hours to contact someone in the town of Brigham, Canada where the grandmother lives. VE3AVS comes back and is successful in relaying the message for the Hardy's. They discover that Andy's grandmother is near death. Afterwords, Jimmy and the boy in Canada decide to exchange QSL cards. You can see many QSL cards already on Jimmy's wall. "73 and lots of DX."


Homemade Ham radio set

Overview of the homemade ham radio.
Another look at the setup.
QSL cards on the wall and the external speaker used for receiving.

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