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Radio Hams title shot.

Movie (1939)

Pete Smith (Narrator)
Barbara Bedford (Mrs. Crane)
Eleanor Counts (Miss Mulligan, Jimmy's Sister)
Jack Daley (Pa Mulligan)
Robert Homans (Lighthouse Keeper)
Clayton Moore (Ship Radio Operator)
Alonzo Price (Clyde DeVinna)
Jason Robards Sr. (Pilot in Distress)

This short 10 minute MGM specialty film was produced and narrated by Pete Smith. It tells of a family who, one by one, get excited listening to a couple heroic stories from their homemade ham radio. The first story is about how, communicating through the ham, several operators were able to come together to save a man from asphyxiation from carbon monoxide. The second story used morse code to send transmissions to the family of a missing pilot who crashed his plane in the ocean. With the help of other pilots trained in morse code, they were able to locate the wreaked plane and let the family know.

N7GAR Personal Note:

Although CW, aka morse code, is no longer required for any of the amateur radio classes, it can still be a very valuable communication tool. Don't let the age of this film fool you, morse code is still used to this day.

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