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Amateur Radio Makes the Scene in ‘Super 8’ The summer blockbuster “Super 8,” set just outside Dayton, Ohio in 1979, features amateur radio “in a crucial scene,” according to the ARRL Letter.

The film “revolves around a group of six middle-schoolers who witness a mysterious train crash in the fictional town of Lillian. Soon after the crash, the Air Force arrives and strange things start happening in the small town. The kids, a group of young film makers (hence the title of the movie) begin to investigate the creepy phenomena.”

“Super 8” set decorator Fainche MacCarthy found a radio of the right era, but the “scanner” that a sheriff’s deputy brings into the scene “is a Heathkit Seneca VHF-1, a 2- and 6-meter CW and AM transmitter. Introduced in 1959, this rig complemented Heathkit’s TX-1 Apache transmitter, RX-1 Mohawk receiver and KL-1 Chippewa linear amplifier.”

Source : ARRL Letter