The Rocketeer

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The Rocketeer DVD cover.

Movie (1991)

Bill Campbell (Cliff Secord)
Jennifer Connelly (Jenny Blake)
Alan Arkin (Peevy Peabody)
Timothy Dalton (Neville Sinclair)
Terry O'Quinn (Howard Hughes)

The Rocketeer is an action adventure film which takes place in 1938. The film is based on the comic book character created by Dave Stevens in 1982.


This is a portable field transceiver used by the German army [+/- 1936].

Type Torn.Fu.b1 Transmitter 3.0 MHz – 5.0 MHz Receiver 3.0 MHz – 6.66 MHz

An overview of the radio that Jenny found in Neville's secret chamber.
Close up of the radio.
Jenny trying to radio for help. Instead she gets one of Neville's friends.
Jenny turns as she notices the secret bookshelf being opened from the other side.

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