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The Simpsons family portrait.

TV Series (1989- )

Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson and others)
Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson and others)
Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson and others)
Yeardly Smith (Lisa Simpson)
Harry Shearer (Ned Flanders and others)
Hank Azaria (Apu and others)

The Simpsons shows the daily life of a normal suburban family. There have been many episodes throughout the years of The Simpsons television series showing various handheld radios and other HF ham radios.

Season 1

Episode 11 - 4/15/90 The Crepes of Wrath

Bart gets sent to Albania as an exchange student after getting caught dropping cherry bombs in the toilets. The Albanian kid sent to live with Homer is a spy, and keeps sending details of Homer's nuclear reactors over a CW spy radio.


Season 4

Episode 13 - 1/21/93 Selma's Choice

Marge's sister is Selma is a ham. She decides she wants to have a baby, and states he reason is because "I've got a lot of love to give, and my only outlet is my ham radio" (cuts to shot of radio) Radio: [speaking foreign language] I have a ham radio.

Simpsons I have a ham radio.jpg

Season 8

Episode 12 - 2/2/97 Mountain of Madness

Mr. Burns decides to use the telegraph to send an S.O.S. The telegraph signal only manages to reach a telegraph machine stored inside a museum exhibit of Samuel Morse.


Season 9

Episode 23 - 3/3/98 King Of The Hill

Homer gets in shape and climbs a mountain after eating power bars. He uses a HT for communications while climbing the mountain. Later a goat steals his HT.

Season 11

Episode 15 - 2/20/00 Missionary: Impossible

Homer finds himself getting shipped to a South Pacific island where he is to do missionary work for his church. The Reverend was nice enough to provide a ham radio for Marge and one for Homer. It was the only way to communicate back and forth.

Simpsons amateur radio.png
Notice the 15-meter frequency band.
This is the exact same radio used in Season 4 minus a few knob replacements.
The Simpsons Amateur Radio.png
The Simpsons Season 11.png

Season 17

Episode 10 - 1/8/06 Homer's Paternity Coot

Where Seymour is a ham, using WA3QIZ as a callsign (WA3QIZ was the callsign of executive producer David Mirkin. That call expired in 1998.)


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