The Twilight Zone

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The Twilight Zone.

TV series (1959-2003)

Rod Serling was the creator and narrator of this classic series. It was such a big hit that in 1983 Steven Spielberg produced a theatrical version of the series in 1983 called Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Season 1

Episode 22 - 3/4/1960 The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Claude Akins (Steve Brand)
Anne Barton (Myra Brand)
Burt Metcalfe (Don Martin)
Jack Weston (Charlie Farnsworth)

Steve's neighbors gang up and interrogate him as they all realize he's been talking on some suspicious radio they have never seen before. His wife tries to defend him as they ask who he talks to on this radio of his.


Season 5

Episode 18 - 1/31/1964 Black Leather Jackets
Denver Pyle (Stu Tillman)
Shelley Fabares (Ellen Tillman)
Irene Hervey (Martha Tillman)
Lee Kinsolving (Scott)

The Tillmans were just minding their own business when their power starts having issues. They look out the window and what do they see, a ham radio antenna on the neighbors roof! (This is really not an issue) Mr. Tillman decides to go over there to find out if the neighbors have a license to operate. As he's walking out the door, his wife let's him know she's concerned because, "Those men seem so threatening somehow." (HAHA, that's right!) <youtube>UKd5hupXJVo</youtube>

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