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X-files - Triangle

"Triangle" is the third episode of the sixth season of the television series The X-Files, premiered by the Fox network on November 22, 1998. The episode was written and directed by series creator Chris Carter.

Fox Mulder races to a luxury passenger liner on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle which has mysteriously appeared. Once there, he realizes he has travelled back in time to September 3, 1939 and the outbreak of World War II. Nazi soldiers have boarded the ship in search of "Thor's Hammer", something that could ensure victory in the coming conflict. As Mulder arrives, the soldiers and the British crew are fighting for control of the ship.

"Triangle" featured the main and recurring cast members such as Gillian Anderson, William B. Davis, Chris Owens, James Pickens Jr. and Mitch Pileggi playing their contemporary characters and other characters from 1939 on board the liner. The episode garnered a strong Nielsen household and syndication ratings and was met with positive reviews from critics.

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