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  • Name: Tobin
  • Site Rank: Founder and Bureaucrat
  • Call letters: K7TOB
  • Previous call letters: KD7PXV, N7GAR
  • Current Class: Technician
  • Age: 28
  • Location: Utah, USA
  • Hobbies: Ham radio communication, motocross, off-roading, camping, Toyota Supras, exploring and preserving ghost towns and abandoned mines.

With over 30 licensed Ham Radio operators in my family, it was only a matter of time that I became a huge Ham Radio fanatic. Add that to my love of movies and you have the need for a site like this! My family and friends mainly use ham radio equipment for off-road, 4x4 purposes to coordinate were we should explore, which turns to take, emergencies, and keeping the group together. Of course a lot of us also have base units and tall towers to talk long distances from home as well.

I saw the need and thought it would be fun to create a well-organized, user-friendly website completely dedicated to keeping record of all the different movies and TV shows that have featured ham radios, as well as other types of two-way radios and related equipment. I also hope to be able to figure out what type of radios are being used, even down to the exact model number, if possible.

If people chose to contribute to this site, please keep to the format that I have created and decided to go with, even if it's only used for the time being. If I decide to change the format, I will do all films at that time. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me. I can be reached at

Current Projects

Significant Contributions

A Beautiful Mind
Air America
Anderson Tapes, The

Get Smart
High Frequency
Independence Day
Kangaroo Jack
Live Free or Die Hard
Love Finds Andy Hardy

Radio Hams
Rocketeer, The
Terminator Salvation
Twilight Zone, The
Wrong Turn

Radio equipment I own

  • Kenwood TM-261A
  • RadioShack TRC-511
  • Cobra 19 DX III
  • Icom IC-V8 handheld
  • Icom IC-2200H
  • Kenwood TS-430S
  • Heathkit GR-78
  • Alinco EP-2510
  • Kenwood AT-250
  • Cobra 18 WX ST II
Kenwood TM-261A. My first radio which I mounted in my first Toyota 4x4 in 2002.
RadioShack TRC-511. My first CB radio also mounted in my first Toyota 4x4 in 2003.
Cobra 19 DX III. Replaced the RadioShack CB with this Cobra featuring a PA system and optional external speaker.
Icom IC-V8. My first handheld purchased in 2009.
Icom IC-2200H. Purchased in 2009, now I can have a mobile and a base unit 2 meter Ham Radio.
Kenwood TS-430S. My first HF rig purchased in 2009.
Heathkit GR-78. Grandpa hooked me up with this receiver which he believes he purchased in 1957.
Alinco EP-2510. Powers my HF and 2M base radios.
Kenwood AT-250. Used to tune my antenna for the matching Kenwood HF radio.
Cobra 18 WX ST II. I just inherited this CB in 2010 with the purchase of my Toyota Land Cruiser.

Favorite Films

A Beautiful Mind
xXx (Triple X)
Chronicles of Riddick
V for Vendetta
Top Gun
Fast and the Furious
Without a Paddle
Live Free or Die Hard
Gone in 60 seconds
Wall Street
Boiler Room
The Saint
Van Helsing
The Testaments
Night at the Roxbury
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Get Smart
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Tomb Raider